Monday, February 10, 2020

1Q-2020 General Meeting of the BCC

1Q-2020 General Meeting of the Broadneck Council of Communities (BCC):
Thursday, February 27th at 7:30 PM at the Cape St. Claire I.A. Clubhouse - 1223 River Bay Road.

Meet our Broadneck Peninsula State and Local Government ELECTED OFFICIALS.


1) Elected officials will review key Bills passed/under consideration in this 2020 General Assembly Legislative Session. County Council legislation will be addressed with special focus on the status of sponsored legislation, focus areas and challenges.

STATE: Senator Ed Reilly, Delegates Michael Malone, Sid Saab and Heather Bagnall

COUNTY: Councilwoman Amanda Fiedler

JUDICIAL: Our (4) Circuit Court Judges will present their campaign platforms.

2) AA County Director of Environmental Policy – Matt Johnson, will present the status of:
• Conversion from septic to public sewer utilities
• Storm water pollution mitigation.

The Broadneck Peninsula is seen as a key target for sewer conversion due to its location on the Chesapeake watershed. Serious cost factors will be explored, as well as possible mandatory actions by the County.

Attend a Meet & Greet after the presentation with refreshments. Call 410-757-3231 for questions.

--Pat Lynch, President
Broadneck Council of Communities, Inc. (BCC)

Sunday, February 24, 2019


At the meeting you will learn that we are working to form a 'SW Coalition' of interested AA County citizens (hopefully to include attendees expertise in SW management) to meet with County and State officials and drive new legislation to tighten up on our SW regs that are sorely in need of amendments and/or rewrites. 

In many cases the law has so many loops in it that a developer may "meet specs" and install a failing SW system that we--the Broadneck Council of Communities (BCC)--will hear reports of a "failing system" and be told by the County that "it meets County and/or State specs". The developer walks away from the project and the property owner/s have the responsibility to pay for the correction to a flawed system.

In the Broadneck, stormwater problems and liabilities are our top priority--along with traffic problems on Rte #50/301.

If you have concerns about stormwater (SW) management in your geography, please attend the meeting. This Meeting is the result of a collaboration between the BCC and Growth Action Network-(GAN). GAN has a Countywide membership so provides sponsorship for meetings that have interest outside of just the Broadneck. This meeting will provide the most current detail about the status of SW, facilities management as we know it and have dealt with it, in AA County.

Please join us at this meeting on Monday night for an excellent program.

Stormwater Coalition Meeting
Feb 25th, Monday night
Calvary United Methodist Church
301 Rowe Blvd., Annapolis MD 21401

(near the DNR on Rowe)

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New Bridge Legislation

An article recently published on the front page of the Capital News covered Senator Ed Reilly's current Bill #107 to amend legislation on the books (passed into law in 1979--40 years ago and 6 years after the completion of the 2nd span of the Bay Bridge). The 1979 law gives a majority (5/9) of the 9 named Eastern Shore Counties authority to reject any selection of one of their "affected counties" from being the landing site of a new toll road, toll highway or toll bridge to include a 3rd span of the our Bay Bridge.

One of the key alternatives to a new landing site is the current Broadneck corridor on the Rte #50/301 highway. This is currently under consideration through the 2016 NEPA -'Alternatives Study' which will lay the groundwork for the site options and selection of the 3rd span location in 2019-2020.

Through the leadership of our elected officials, the Broadneck Council (BCC) is fighting to even the playing field and have our County added to the 1979 law that will then give authority to our County Officials to reject/or accept AA County from being the launching site of a new span.

Our County is facing mounting year round east/west traffic coupled with the increasingly destructive summer weekend traffic (now Thursday through Saturday pm). The MdTA has been heavily lobbied by QA's County and other Eastern Shore County Commissioners, to control the contra-flow traffic on the north bridge where the 3rd lane can be reversed to service east bound traffic during heavy traffic hours on all summer weekends. But due to the request by Kent Island residents, the MdTA has agreed to shut down the 3rd lane to E/B traffic on summer weekends - when all lanes of Rte #50/301 are stopped with 10 mile backups to Rte #97 west and past Arnold to the north- if there is more than a 2.5 mile backup on Kent Island!!

Because it takes 30 minutes to reverse the traffic flow on the 3rd lane of the north bridge back to east bound traffic, the MdTA now extends the times significantly that they have allocated to block east bound contraflow traffic in order to keep Kent Island free of traffic backups, to the detriment of keeping the Broadneck accessible. It is unacceptable to Broadneck residents who can't reach/exit their homes as is the blocking of EMS vehicles from this route during heavy traffic periods. AA County is left with 10 mile backups while Kent Island is monitored and kept clean from traffic buildups when reaching over 2.5 miles in length. The time needed to reverse the 3rd lane back to contraflow traffic is also unacceptable.

Our Bill attempts to add AA County's authority in the Code to match that legislated by Eastern Shore Counties for site rejection for the new 3rd span of the Bay Bridge--as well as other decision making authority related to new toll highway, roadway and/or bridge projects.

Please contact your Elected Officials and express your support of our legislation--Senate Bill # 107 and House Bill # 212 that will add and increase the authority of AA County in controlling traffic operations and the influencing the site selection of the 3rd span....under consideration for the Rte #50/301 corridor.

Please read the Bills on line:

--Pat Lynch, President, BCC

District 33:
Reilly, Edward Senator
Bagnall, Heather Delegate
Malone, Michael Delegate
Saab, Sid Delegate

District 30/30A:
Elfreth, Sarah
Busch, Michael
Cain, Alice

AA County (cc):
Pittman, Steuart