Wednesday, September 21, 2022



Co-sponsored by: Broadneck Council - Arnold Preservation Council - Cape St. Claire Improvement Association

Please join us on Thursday, September 29, for our Broadneck Peninsula Candidates’ Night scheduled for 7:00-9:30PM at the Cape St. Claire Clubhouse- (located at 1223 River Bay Road in Cape St. Claire, Md.)

We thank the fourteen State and County Candidates* who have accepted our invitation to speak at this event. The program will include three segments:

1) Forum for Candidates to present their platforms with 4 minutes allocated to each presenter.   (1.25 hours)

2) Moderator led Q & A session for attendees who provide written questions for selected candidates' response during this meeting.   (30+ minutes) 

3) A ‘Meet and Greet’ session for all to include any other candidates who wish to attend this meeting and speak- informally-with our attendees. Campaign literature can be provided at side tables. This final session will include a light buffet/drinks - with “thanks” to the CSCIA for their hospitality.  (30+ minutes)

Make every effort to attend this important meeting to hear your candidates for public office speak to our citizens on their plans and priorities to make this County and State- a better place to live, with improvements to our growth, traffic, crime, economic and environmental challenges.



-- Pat Lynch, President Broadneck Council of Communities

-- Kathleen McCuon, President of the Arnold Preservation Council

-- Beau Breeden, President of the Cape St. Claire Improvement Association.





US HOUSE - Md-3rd District

  • Yuripzy Morgan (R)

State Senator - District 30

  • Sarah Elfreth (D) / Stacie Mac Donald (R)

State Delegates - District 30A†

  • Shaneka Henson (D) / Doug Rathell (R) / Dana Jones (D)

State Senator - District 33

  • Dawn Gile (D) / Sid Saab (R)

State Delegates - District 33C

  • Heather Bagnell (D) / Kerry Gillespie (R)


AAC Executive

  • Steuart Pittman (D) / Jessica Haire (R)

AAC Council – District 5

  • Carl Neimeyer (D) / Amanda Fiedler (R)


**Invited but no response yet received:  US Senate-Chris Van Hollen and Chris Chaffee; State Delegates -30A- Rob Seyfferth;

US House- John Sarbanes (Unavailable because of House voting); 

† Arnold-- on Severn River side of Rt. 2 to Jones Station Rd

Candidates for other local offices may be available for the Meet and Greet.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Region #4 Special Advisory Committee - Stay in the Loop!

The BCC recommends that you follow the progress of the Region #4 Special Advisory Committee (SAC) that is now in a multi-year commitment to draft the report that follows the final report of of the P2040 Citizens' Advisory Committee-(CAC). Our Region #4 is among the first 3 Regions -actively working on their SAC plans- estimated to be completed within 3 years. Then the remaining Regions will work on their plans with the same time commitments.

The Broadneck Council is well represented on the SAC with Beau Breeden, (BCC VP) serving on the R4 SAC. The Broadneck Peninsula was also represented on the initial P2040 CAC as I served on this committee for 3 years through both the Schuh and Pittman Administrations.

The final outcome of the SAC's determinations will be presented to the County Council for final oversight with potentially new legislation. The Plan will then be voted in as our new 'General Development Plan' that will serve as the GUIDELINE for land use planning/zoning decisions for many years to come.

You can sign up for regular email updates on Region 4 Planning on the County Website:

Please take some time to review the work done by your Region #4 SAC here:

and contact our BCC Representative on this Committee, Beau Breeden, if you have suggestions/comments and/or questions. Beau's email is

--Pat Lynch - President, Broadneck Council of Communities.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

BCC's New Newsletter Format - June 2022

BCC News - June 2022

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