Saturday, July 16, 2022

Region #4 Special Advisory Committee - Stay in the Loop!

The BCC recommends that you follow the progress of the Region #4 Special Advisory Committee (SAC) that is now in a multi-year commitment to draft the report that follows the final report of of the P2040 Citizens' Advisory Committee-(CAC). Our Region #4 is among the first 3 Regions -actively working on their SAC plans- estimated to be completed within 3 years. Then the remaining Regions will work on their plans with the same time commitments.

The Broadneck Council is well represented on the SAC with Beau Breeden, (BCC VP) serving on the R4 SAC. The Broadneck Peninsula was also represented on the initial P2040 CAC as I served on this committee for 3 years through both the Schuh and Pittman Administrations.

The final outcome of the SAC's determinations will be presented to the County Council for final oversight with potentially new legislation. The Plan will then be voted in as our new 'General Development Plan' that will serve as the GUIDELINE for land use planning/zoning decisions for many years to come.

You can sign up for regular email updates on Region 4 Planning on the County Website:

Please take some time to review the work done by your Region #4 SAC here:

and contact our BCC Representative on this Committee, Beau Breeden, if you have suggestions/comments and/or questions. Beau's email is

--Pat Lynch - President, Broadneck Council of Communities.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

BCC's New Newsletter Format - June 2022

BCC News - June 2022

• Bay Bridge Service Road Traffic

• Sandy Point State Park Update

• 2022 Primary Voting is NOW!

• BBRAG Meeting

• Anne Arundel County Eastern District: National Night Out

• Region 4 SAC Meeting

• Bay Bridge Replacement Project takes another Step Forward

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Managing Sandy Point Traffic


Sandy Point State Park Update:

The BCC meets regularly with the AAC Police. The AACP has again agreed to staff the E. College Parkway service road near Sandy Point State Park (SPSP) with 4 officers plus a supervisor every weekend from June through Labor Day. 

Police shifts run from 8:00AM to 4:00PM except on the 3 major summer holiday weekends when their shift starts early - at 5:00AM and ends at 4:00PM. The DNR police and Park Rangers also provide support to ensure that all reservation holders for SPSP are directed to their parking location. This operation is working well as the parking lot fills up at about 10:00AM and excess vehicles are sent West bound on Rte #50/301 to wait until the Park reopens at 4:00PM. Only reservation holders are allowed to enter during the 10 AM closure and 4:00 reopening. 

Officers also are driving through Broadneck communities to clear out parked prospective Sandy Point attendees who try to locate a parking spot in our Communities until reopening time. If you have any problems with these ‘visitors’ please call the AAC Police at 410-222-8610 to request an assist from the AACP Officers on duty at the Park entrance.