Wednesday, August 12, 2020

AA County Future Planning - Needs Your Input!


After soliciting input from the public since 2017, the County has drafted Goals and a Land Use Plan to shape development in Anne Arundel County and we want your feedback! The County has developed innovative technology where you can review draft elements of Plan2040 and provide comments through an interactive website:

To help guide you through this new technology, County Executive Pittman will host three Town Halls with the Office of Planning and Zoning. They’ll demonstrate how to use the tool and answer any questions about its functionality. This is your opportunity to help guide County policy around affordable housing, traffic, environmental protection and so much more for the next 20 years.

While you are free to attend any session, we will be using specific examples per regional planning area depending on the date. We hope that you find this format to be engaging and meaningful.

August 17th Town Hall | 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. | Regional Areas 1, 2, and 3.
August 19th Town Hall | 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.| Regional Areas 4, 5, and 6.
August 20th Town Hall | 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. | Regional Areas 7, 8, and 9.

To see what regional area your community is in, please click here.
Please use the link below to register:
You may also click here to learn more about regional planning areas.

Please reply to this email with any questions.

James Kitchin
Office of the County Executive
Director, CECS

Sunday, May 24, 2020

BCC NEWSLETTER - May 24, 2020

Protect the Broadneck
We all hope and pray that the world as we once knew it will return to some level of normalcy but expect recovery will be slow and that life after Covid-19 will not be the same. We know we must observe and comply with our Governor’s/County Exec’s orders to secure ourselves and our neighbors from the transmission of the virus. Hopefully we will see the restrictions relaxed-as is prudent- until we are able to return to most activities and again enjoy social interactions.
There are many news bulletins of interest to Broadneck members and neighbors and I will cover many of them here in this newsletter. We shall send additional single topicnews bulletins out within the next few weeks/months as some are key to stakeholders on the Broadneck and require the sharing of information that cannot be condensed into one paragraph in a BCC News Blast.
The Maryland General Assembly shut down after 71/90 days of their 2020 session due to the C-19 pandemic. The following are key reports from our elected officials that were provided by them for this BCC community news:
Senator Ed Reilly/District #33 Team- (Delegates Malone, Bagnall, Saab) scored significant fiscal benefits for our District/the Broadneck: funding of $60K was secured for the Goshen Farm restoration; $100K was awarded to restore the Langdon Green Farm whose owners sponsor programs to assist the handicapped; $250K was awarded to Cape St. Claire for their beach restoration project. Funds were also secured for the Crownsville Pascal Center, Woods Community Center, Crofton HS and Chrysalis House. Senator Edhas worked diligently on our Rt. #50/301 Bay Bridge traffic problems and co-sponsored SB13 that upgraded/restructured the BBRAG organization to support of stronger community and government representation to improve traffic on this corridor.
Delegate Sid Saab sponsored HB 535 to establish a pilot program for elementary and middle schools to assist those who suffer from behavior problems. This Bill did not pass but Sid continues to work in support of mental health programs. He has co-sponsored successful Legislation that includes a Mental Health Referral System, an emergency list of M.H. resources and Telehealth systems for home health services and others.
Delegate Heather Bagnall has focused on traffic mitigation on our Rt.#50/301 Bay Bridge corridor and the expansion of access to mental health resources and health care reform. She sponsored HB 322 ‘Mental Health’-Confidentiality of Medical Records and Emergency Facilities List to help expand emergencyfacilities services. She was one of three sponsors of HB 1121-Md. Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Registry and Referral System. She also cosponsored HB 448-‘Telehealth’, HB 56 (BBRAG Restructure).
Delegate Michael Malone-was the primary sponsor of two passed pieces of legislation during the 2020 Session: 1) HB 311 ‘Courts’-Court Dog and Child Witness Program-to allow therapy dogs to accompany children when testifying in court. This Bill received very positive feedback. 2) HB 247 Orphans’ Courts-‘Appeals’-Procedures that clarify conflicting estate procedures. To note: Delegate Malone continued his efforts to end gerrymandering (HB 1491 w/ 65 co-sponsors) which-unfortunately-did not receive a committee vote this year.
Councilwoman Amanda Fiedler-was successful in sponsoring legislation in 2020 that benefited the Broadneck. She introduced/passed legislation, aligning with the State, to reduce the age of lifeguards allowing increased staff to promote safety at pools/beaches. She passed legislation, with great support from the Community, to legalize watermen at Whitehall Beach and other locations and advocated for FY 2021 budget funding, to complete our Broadneck Trail. She now serves on the County Exec’s work group to re-open AA County. 
We thank our elected officials for their work on behalf of D-33 and our Broadneck residents and will host a BCC General Meeting –hopefully- in 3rdor 4thQ 2020- for them to further dialogue with their constituents.

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee-(CAC) for the rewrite of the General Development Plan-(GDP) will resume meetings this week via telecons. The current focus is Land Use and Climate Factors. The deadline for completion of the GDP draft has been extended due to the Covid Virus.
BCC General Meetings have been scheduled in 3- 4Q20 to include a Community meeting with members of the AA County School Board and Board of Education. BCC Director--Dr. George McNeal, heads up this program.
BCC is supporting a major initiative in the Broadneck Peninsula to reject the County’s planned expansion of College Parkway-CP to four lanes-(from Jones Station Rd to Cape St. Claire Rd). The planned widening would turn CP into a speed. BCC Director Steve Millerwill issue a BCC Newsletter on this case in June’20.
The Cape St. Claire Improvement Association received a significant grant to support the restoration of their beach property. This is due in part to the dedication and hard work of Senator Ed Reilly, our elected officials and the dedication of Beau Breeden, Gov-CSCIA and VP-BCC. Action was taken by a homeowner on this waterfront property that conflicts with the plans of the CSCIA so restoration of the beach property is pending approval with the Maryland Department of the Environment. The CSCIA is also pursuing ongoing litigation against the homeowner. This $250K grant was approved to support the beach restoration project and is the latest of the $373K in total grants awarded to CSC in 2020. Hopefully the conflicts will be resolved soon so work can commence. 
Pleasant Plains Road has been significantly upgraded due to the leadership of BCC DirectorJohn Joynes. The road has been paved and safety upgrades planned. Road widening is under review. Meetings with BGE to move the dangerous electric poles back 10’ are under consideration. A traffic light at the corner of St. Margaret’s Rd and Pleasant Plains Road is planned.
Legislation to tighten up on Stormwater Management and Enforcement will be introduced by AA County thanks to the work and determination of BCC DirectorSteve Miller. Due to the pandemic, the Office of Law has been under siege and delayed in finalizing proposed AAC Code changes but action is expected soon.
The Bay Bridge Reconstruction Advisory Group-(BBRAG) has been restructured and the new members will be announced soon. BCC Secretary, Barbara Hitchings, has served on the BBRAG since its inception in 2002. BCC DirectorBill Neveland President Pat Lynch, have also served as members for many years-all representing the Broadneck. Hopefully the BCC will continue to be selected for membership on this group now that House Bill 56, has been passed during the last General Assembly. This legislation will reorganize this body, move themanagement to MDOT and include SHA with the MdTA organization. Serious improvements had to be made to strengthen the value and performance of this group.
The Broadneck Council Board wishes our members- good health and a safe journey during this Covid-19 pandemic. Know that we continue to work for alland thank our elected officials for engaging with us in our many endeavors in support of a ‘Better Broadneck’. 
--Pat Lynch, President 
Broadneck Council of Communities

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Library Offers First-ever Curbside Pickup Service Starting June 8

We are pleased to announce the introduction of curbside pickup of library materials starting Monday, June 8. All library locations will open for limited indoor service starting June 15, except for the new Michael E. Busch Annapolis Library which will open in July.  

Curbside pickup will be available from 10 am – 4 pm, Monday-Saturday at all locations, except the Busch Annapolis branch. The library will share details with customers on how the service will work in the next few weeks. 

Starting June 15, branches will be open for limited walk-ins from 10 am to 7 pm, Monday-Thursday and from 10 am to 5 pm, Friday and Saturday. Libraries are not open for Sunday service during the summer.  

The reduced hours will ensure staff have time to disinfect high traffic areas and returned books, movies and music along with cutting down opportunities for large groups to congregate. 

Based on recommendations from public health officials, all in-person library programs have been canceled through August 31. Some library programs will be held in the fall depending on state directives on gathering sizes.