About BCC

Who we are...

The Broadneck Council of Communities (BCC) is a 501c4 organization dedicated to the protection of our Peninsula, promotion of environmental improvements to the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and compliance with our Critical Area laws.

We invite individuals or your community associations to join the BCC membership to help us achieve the following objectives:

1. To unite and strengthen communities on the Broadneck Peninsula in collaborative action to promote long and short term planning in the following areas: land use regulations; storm water management; clean water and pollution controls; ‘Small Area Plans’; ‘Smart Growth’; transportation; utilities; public safety, fire and emergency management; education; recreation and environmental safeguards.

2. To advance BCC positions with the County and State Government and actively support Government actions which are compatible with BCC positions.

The BCC has joined together to secure our property values, enhance our quality of life and protect the critical areas of the Chesapeake Bay in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Patricia Lynch - President
Beau Breeden - Vice President
Barbara Hitchings - Secretary
Peter Bradley - Treasurer
Britt Griswold - Board Member
George McNeal - Board Member
John Joynes - Board Member
Phil Ferrara - Board Member

BCC ByLaws